Berkshire Wedding Fairs

Berkshire Wedding Fairs co-owners are Jackie and Joanne, who both have a mutual passion for organisation, planning and commitment, these qualities enabled Berkshire Wedding Fairs to be born.

Now in their tenth year, Berkshire Wedding Fairs organise the most prestigious wedding fairs in Berkshire, Hampshire and Buckinghamshire, supplying the best wedding venues in the area with top quality wedding exhibitors.

The combination of both Jackie and Joanneā€™s skills, alongside their motivation and determination to succeed, will guarantee that when you exhibit with us or visit one of our fairs you will notice our attention to detail, personal but professional approach and relaxing atmosphere.


Jackie’s customer service background comes from over 25 years of working in a large insurance company. She has a broad range of skills when it comes to event planning, marketing, selling and financial management. An added bonus is that she is a qualified facilitator, which enables her to provide creative solutions to day-to-day issues.

In past performance reviews Jackie always received feedback on her high energy levels, excellent organisational skills and people management; she never knew that one day these would be to her advantage in running her own business.

Jackie is available to answer any questions regarding the booking of the events.


Joanne comes from a customer service background where she has worked for many years in the travel industry, booking weddings and honeymoons abroad as well as dream holidays. She then worked for a major British airline at Heathrow where she undertook various roles all customer service based.

The airline industry is renowned for its intense training programmes to ensure all staff are qualified to deal with the very high demand the public makes on its personnel.

Subsequently, she is very organised and extremely proud of being able to work under pressure and to meet deadlines. Something the airline industry demanded of her.

Joanne is available to answer any questions regarding advertising.